How to Register Charitable Trust (NGO) in Rajasthan

Following charitable activities can be carried on generally by trust :-

  • Promotion of education
  • Promotion of health
  • Promotion of sporting activities
  • Promotion for betterment of society
  • To Increase self employment by skill development
  • To provide medical relief to organise medical camps and to arrange medicines for poor
  • To promote cleanliness, to preserve environment and plantation of trees etc

Step by Step procedure for Trust Registration:

  1. Declaration of trust: any person can declare trust with some property for the purpose of promotion of its objects. The person who declared trust is called settler
  2. Name of Trust: name the trust should end with the word “trust” I.e. you may have a name like “Shri shyam Charitable Trust”
  3. Address of the trust the address of the trust will decide its jurisdiction for registration and applications for under income Tax Act.
  4. Trustee: the settlor will declare the name of the trustees who sell accept all the terms mention in the trusted and act as a trustee to the trust.
  5. Board of Trustees: the trustees will be known as board of trustees and will be e designated has President, vice president secretary and treasurer
  6. Terms and conditions regarding managing of Trust funds
  7. Powers of the trustees
  8. Duration of trust etc..
  9. Once the above mentioned things are settled we have to draft the trust deed and get it signed from the settlor and trustees of the trust.
  10. The trust deed should be on non judicial stamp paper of rupees 500
  11. The trust deed should also be notarized.
  12. Application for registration of Trust deed to devsthan vibhag:

The Charitable Trust are registered under Rajasthan public trust act under the jurisdiction of devasthan vibhag, for registration with devsthan vibhag an application is required to be submitted along with trust deed and ID and address proof of trustees and settlor

Documents Required for Trust Registration in Rajasthan

  1. Aadhar Card and Pan Card Copy of Settler
  2. Aadhar Card and Pan Card Copy of Trustees
  3. Electricity Bill of Office of Trust
  4. Rent Agreement of office of Trust in any
  5. Photo of Settler
  6. Photo of Trustees