Registration: Application Procedure 
            1. After landing on the LDMS portal, click on “Establishment Registration” menu icon. Click on “Rajasthan Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958”.  
            2. Form will appear in the right pane, fill t he form and attach appropriate documents (Refer below mentioned checklist) 
            3. After completing the above instructions, submit the form and LDMS application number will be generated. Keep it safe it might be required later for retrieving information. 
            4. If application and attached documents are ok then you’ll get the acknowledgement message from the department on your registered mobile number and email. 
            5. After payment of prescribed fees, the applicant can download his registration certificate online. 
            Renewal: Application Procedure 
            1. After login on the LDMS portal, click on “Establishment Renewal” and in submenu click on “Renewal”. 
            2. Select appropriate value from the “Select Acts” combo. 
            Scenario 1: Registration Number exists in the LDMS System 
            1. Enter “Registration Number” in t he Text box and click “Search” Button.
             Select appropriate district, Enter “Establishment date”/Establishement Registration Date from Date Picker control & Click on “Search” Button 
            2. Select the appropriate result by clicking on Radio button in front. 
            3. Click on “Submit” button
            4. Renewal Form with filled data appears.
            5. In the bottom, user is required to fill “Renewal Details”.  
                o Select appropriate number of years, for which renewal is required
                o Year in “License Expiry Date”
                o Current value of Number of Employees 
                o Registration Certificate of the Establishment to be uploaded
                o Scanned copy of Form V (Filled) 
            6. Click on the “Submit” button, form is submitted.
            7. LDMS applicat ion number will be generated. Keep it safe it might be used later for retrieving information.
            8. After paying the renewal fees, citizen can download the renewed certificate 

            Scenario 2: Registration Number doesn’t exist in the LDMS System 
            1. Enter “Registration Number” in t he Text box and click “Search” Button.
            2. Since there is no corresponding “Registration Number” in the LDMS Database, the search result comes empty with a message “Your record not found in our system, Please
                click on 'Submit' to enter your information” 
            3. A “Submit” button starts appearing next to “Search” Button.
            4. Now, select the appropriate Act and click on the “Submit” Button.
            5. A new form appears. User may enter the required fields, upload the requisite documents and in the end enter the Renewal details. 
            6. Submit the form, all the information gets stored & a new Registration number is issued to the user for his/ her establishment for further use in the application. 
            7. LDMS applicat ion number will be generated. Keep it safe it might be used later for retrieving information. 
            8. After paying the renewal fees, citizen can download the renewed certificate

            Approval Procedure for Registration/Renewal 
            1. Application shall be received online by the competent authorit y at the department. The competent Authority shall check the application and the documents submitted. 
            2. If the application is not complete or any document is not legible or not fulfilling the criterion of required document 
                    o The competent authority will seek a clarification from the applicant. 
                    o Applicant shall be int imated about the same through Email/SMS & the clarifications sought shall become visible in the web interface under the application details. 
                    Applicant shall suffice the shortfalls/required information and submit the application. 
            3. If the application is complete, the concerned authority shall approve it and the user/applicant shall be instructed to pay the fees. 
            4. User shall login into the system, check the application & click on the “Make Payment” Button. Payment can be done with the help e-mitra or bank gateway. 
            5. After payment, the citizen will able to download the signed(scanned) certificate from the web portal as well as from the LDMS system using his/her login credentials.
            Tracking of Registration/Renewal Application  
            User may check the current status of his/her application on the home page of his/her login in the listed applications. User may also search the application status by keying in the 
            Application Number in the text box given on t he top of the page (under the links) & by clicking “Search” Button. Upon clicking the Application Number link, the user will be shown
            the details of filled data in non-editable form. Down under, there is a table of “Audit Trail” which displays the reverse chronological list of actions alongwith details (who, when &
            Notification/Intimation related to Registration/Renewal 
            User shall be intimated about the action taken by the department/ Software, periodically, through SMS alerts and emails. User may also check the status online on the web portal
            any time, anywhere. 
            Document Checklist 
            Documents to be uploaded-
            (NOTE: e-filing of application, e-payment, e-submission of document is mandatory, No hard copies required, Approved certificates are issued online.)
                1. Passport Size Photograph of Employer 
                2. Photo of shop along with owner
                3. List of Management Employees (.xls format) 
                4. Rates of Wages (.xls format)  
                5. Details of Employees working in Establishment (.xls format)
                6. Employee Weekly Holidays(.xls format) 
                7. Address proof of Establishment [Copy of shop's rent agreement (if on rent) or Shop's ownership document proof (if owner of shop)] 
                8. Affidavit (Declaration Form)
                9. Photo ID (PAN Card/Driving License/Aadhar Card/Passport)
            Rules and Regulations for Rajasthan Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 
            1. Applicants shall be solely liable for correctness and genuineness of information/uploaded documents in the registration form under the Act. 
            2. Applicants are advised to check the detailed guidelines and rules before submitting their application as fees once submitted will not be refunded. 
            3. During amendment if the maximum number of employees changes, registration fee will be taken accordingly in addition to amendment fee. 
            4. During amendment employer information can be changed only in case of death of current employer or in case the establishment is sold by the employer. 
            5. No misuse of Act is acceptable. In case of such issue, it  will be treated as crime and punishable under law. 
            6. Rajasthan Labour department reserves t he right to cancel t he registration if the details found at any subsequent stage appear to be fraud. 
            7. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and const ituted in accordance with the Indian Laws. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be subject 
                to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Rajasthan.