Motor/Two Wheeler Insurance

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor insurance is just like any other insurance policy, but unlike other insurances, it is ‘Mandatory’! And, as the name suggests, it is an insurance that is related to all types of motor vehicles-motorcycles, cars, jeeps, commercial vehicles etc.

Types of Motor Insurance in India

Private Car Motor Insurance Policy

  • This is motor insurance that needs to be taken for any private car owned by an individual and is mandated by the Government of India. It covers the vehicle for damages against accidents, fire, natural disasters, theft among others and also covers for any injury to the owner. It also covers any damages and injuries caused to the third party

Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

This inurance policy covers two-wheelers like a sccoter or a bike and mandated by the government of india.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy

 A comprehensive vehicle insurance online policy keeps you and your business protected in case your commercial vehicle gets damaged in a road-mishap. A third-party commercial vehicle insurance online policy also provides coverage against liabilities to third-party in case of property damage and bodily injury or death. A comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy online further offers protection in case of theft of the insured commercial vehicle.