How to Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate?

Requirements while you apply for a digital signature certificate

1.  Submission of DSC Application form duly filled in by the applicant

Any individual applying for a Digital Signature Certificate is required to fill an Application Form for online submission and verification of personal details by the certifying authority

2. Producing Photo ID proof

3. Producing  Address proof

To fill in the Application form the please log in to the website of the Certifying Authority.

Steps to apply for a digital signature certificate

STEP 1: Log on and select your type of entity
Log on to the website of a Certifying Authority licensed to issue Digital Certificates in India.
Having accessed the page, you will be guided to the Digital Certification Services’ section.
Now under the ‘Digital Certification Services’ section, click on the type of entity for which you want to obtain the DSC:’ individual or organization’, etc.
In case you are applying for an individual DSC, click on ‘individual’. A new tab containing the DSC Registration Form will appear. Download the DSC Registration Form on your PC.
STEP 2: Fill the necessary details
Once you have downloaded the form, fill in all the necessary details as required in the form:

1. Class of the DSC

2. Validity

3. Type: Only Sign or Sign & Encrypt

4. Applicant Name & Contact Details

5. Residential Address

6. GST Number & Identity Details of Proof Documents

7. Declaration

8. Document as proof of identity

9. Document as proof of address

10. Attestation Officer

11. Payment Details

On filling up all the necessary details you must affix your recent photograph and put your signature under the declaration. Check thoroughly for completion of the form. Take a print of the completed form and preserve it.STEP 3: Proof of identity and address
The supporting document provided as proof of identity and address must be attested by an attesting officer. Ensure the sign and seal of the attesting officer is visibly clear on the supporting proof documents.
STEP 4: Payment for DSC
A demand draft or cheque must be obtained towards payment for application of DSC in the name of the Local Registration Authority where you are going to submit your application for verification. You can find the details of the Local Registration Authority according to your city of residence by searching for a Certifying Authority licensed to issue Digital Certificates online.
STEP 5: Post the documents required
Enclose the following in an envelope.
1. DSC Registration Form duly completed
-Supporting document for Proof of Identity and proof of address attested by the attesting officer
2. Demand Draft/Cheque for payment.
Address the enclosed envelope to the Local Registration Authority (LRA) and post it to the designated address of the LRA for further processing.
On completion of the above-mentioned steps by filling in the DSC Form and providing necessary documents and payment, you have successfully completed the application process for your Digital Signature Certificate.